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About Painkiller

Painkiller or Pain relievers are medicine prescribed to be taken during mild, moderate and severe. There are different types of medicines for different pains; this pain can be of back neck, head or any other part. Consumptions of painkiller are entirely based on the prescription, as the effect of these medicines may vary from person to person.

Acute Pain

The sharp and mild pain observed in the body which can last just for a moment is known as acute pain. Cause of acute pain is specific like can be caused after broken bones etc.

Chronic Pain

It is very common to observe chronic pain in people as if you might have ignored any previous acute pain cause. Disability of body functions is the main cause of chronic pain.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is widespread to observe in the human body, and the cause can vary from person to person. Tightening or contraction of muscle can occur due to body stiffness, wrong stretching postures.

Bone Pain

Bone is an extreme discomfort felt while there is movement in the body. The cause can vary from person to person as it can be used by any injury, mineral deficiency or bone cancer.


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